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Introducing ArtStem!

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Welcome to ArtStem! If you’re new here, we are a student-run nonprofit dedicated to bringing education that connects concepts of STEM with art projects to kids in elementary and middle school. As an organization, we’re a group of friends that are passionate about making the world a better place through teaching kids about topics that we enjoy.


In late September of 2020, co-founders Raashika Biswari and Vanshika Turkar were like many of us, using Zoom calls for social interaction to stay sane in an otherwise entirely chaotic world. Once the topic of volunteering was brought up, the pair decided that they wanted to create an organization that combined topics of art and STEM and taught these concepts to kids in a fun and innovative way. This differed from so many other organizations they’d seen blossom in the pandemic because instead of mostly focusing on STEM, they were sure they wanted art to be emphasized in their curriculum.

Almost two years later, here we are!

What We Do

Through live online Zoom meetings, we hold workshops and classes for kids aged 7 through 14 to educate them on concepts related to STEM, and then we guide them through an art project related to the concepts taught in each class. Classes are fun and relaxed, and 96% of kids who come to classes report that they enjoy them! Our teachers are high school students who are willing to work closely with the kids who attend our classes, and are patient to make sure that if anyone has any questions, they are answered thoroughly and clearly.

Classes generally follow a standard format of using half of the scheduled class time to teach the concept, and then the other half in breakout rooms to guide the students through the art project associated with the concept just taught. While it is encouraged that students have their cameras on to participate and learn better in these breakout rooms, it’s understandable if they want to keep them off.

Once in breakout rooms, each breakout room led by one of our teachers, the teacher will spend around 5 minutes playing a game with the students, to let them have some fun and have a bit of time bonding with the group before starting the guided art lesson.

After finishing the art lesson, students and teachers all head back to the main room to check in with each other, and say goodbye for the day!

Sign up here for our workshops that are coming up!

Take a look at some pictures from the Bay Area Science Festival, where we held an exhibit with experiments and interactive activities!

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